Life philosophical-izations

Sometimes I get this feeling, that Life, this mysterious silent “force” has this innate wisdom, that it is, in its range of subtle hints to blatant vivid methods, is teaching me something- helping me to realize a truth from a variety of perspectives so that I slowly absorb this truth or lesson. And then once I “catch on” to this Life and its doings, I cannot help but marvel at the mind-expanding beauty of this truth or lesson, and am immediately filled with this overwhelming gratitude.

I refer to this experience as a “Theme”…and so since the start of this year, I feel like I am going through a theme on self-realization, meditation, visualization, and experiencing each moment with intention and observation. These are a lot of words I know, but I am having a difficult time trying to capture what I mean with one word…but I suppose I could attempt to describe it using what I consider traditional Buddhist thought. And I also am self-conscious that these phrases I may use to describe this theme sound a bit “new-agey” (whatever that honestly really means anyway)– but my feelings are earnest in this and sincere.

The importance of appreciating each moment and savoring the intangible treasures and miracles really of life including the relationships we have with one another, nature itself surrounding us, to amazing meals made with never tasted before fresh ingredients– Looking back I have learned this “theme” of appreciation, gratitude of every simple thing through a variety of methods–From the past 15 years of traveling, the food, the connections with people there, despite them being from an entirely different culture, the take away is awe in humanity and the beauty of how we are all connected. This is a theme that I am familiar with and realized early on – when I read those seemingly cliche quotes I feel this immediate “yeah I totally get what they mean!”

But now, recently I feel like I am embarking on another level of depth on this theme. As if I have up until now just skimmed the surface. Like looking at a beautiful sports car and admiring it from the outside…but now I am in the driver’s seat, and feeling the raw power and taut steering– Bringing a whole other depth and level to my understanding of the sports car.

And taking this idea of Connection further, recently I have dived deeper into exploring this. We started watching some inspiring documentaries and Ted Talks (thats what happens when you no longer have cable and only have Netflix, you start exploring 😉 They make you take a step back and think of your life/world differently or through another perspective. I’ll have to look up the names to share but some of the main interesting themes were on Connection and Energy–And describing and learning about this on a scientific level, (which appeals to my hubbie and I, since we are very curious with scientific backgrounds).

We learned that there is basically a whole field in physical science dedicated to this–Quantum Physics. Here was a science attempting to describe the seemingly undescribable. What made this science so interesting was that it explored the “why” of things, whereas all other sciences explain only “how” and tied also broadly to spirituality, energy visualization – the power of one’s perspective on the actual outcome or reality.

One of most powerful recent discoveries was about your body’s endocrinology and stress- It was shown how you think about a situation can affect whether you experience the negative effects of stress (cortisol release- high blood pressure etc.) or the positive experience from stress (release of another hormone that actually stimulates a “learning” in your brain neuron connections. For so long people write off “thinking positively” as just a nice fluffy thing–but now as we learn more about our body and the truly impactful power of our mind/thoughts, we see that there is actual scientific support why it is practically beneficial to think positive.

Thus, it is not blind, naive optimism, where you just hastily brush any negative feelings under a rug. But instead it is embracing the situation good AND bad, with loving acceptance and a determination to make the most of what you have. Easier said than done at times of course, but it is always something nice to aspire towards and to remind oneself when stuck in a rut or dealing with a difficult situation. 🙂