Cardamom: Elevating the Everyday Coffee

I thought I’d share one of my favorite simple pleasures on this lovely Sunday—Cardamom. Well not just by itself, but when added to a perfectly creamy and strong latte, cardamom elevates the drink to another level–aromatically complex, and floral-woody-sweet, this spice tastes luxurious. Basically sipping on one of these takes me to my happy place 🙂 I discovered this wonderful combination at a place called Lofty Coffee in Encinitas, CA. It is located right off of the 101 Coast Hwy, a few blocks from the beach.

I will have to search out where to buy cardamom seeds, but to make the drink, I’d imagine you’d grind your coffee beans as normal, then add a cracked cardamom seed with the grinds, and pour hot water over (a la French Press). Or for espresso drinks, using the stove top espresso maker, pack the cylinder with espresso grinds and cracked cardamom seed. Then steam some milk and add some sugar –e walah: Happiness in a cup*



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