Splurge for mah tummie (@ Sakagura, NYC)

A belated post on one of my favorite highlights when traveling annually to NYC for a work conference: Savoring a meal all to myself 🙂 this time at Sakagura.

So continuing from my previous post, after the interesting societal observation in the foyer, 😉 I entered into Sakagura proper. Considering that the restaurant is located in the basement of a building, I did not expect when walking into the restaurant for it to open up to a high ceiling-ed space filled with traditional Japanese decor–with bamboo railings, straw wall accents and a beautiful polished wood bar running the length of the main restaurant space. I sat at the bar, and started off with a lovely crisp chilled sake, (the presentation of their drinks is beautiful, with artistic touches of flower sprigs or leaves.)





I started off with a delicious chilled “soup” with soft boiled yolkie egg, Uni, shiso leaf and salmon roe in a rich bonito-flavored broth. (They had me at Uni…and anything with yolkie egg 🙂


Then I continued with a cylindrical “cake” of tuna (with minced shiso), two types of caviar and sliced cucumbers with a dollop of hot sauce (probably sriacha). This dish was good–not particularly amazingly unique but fresh and tasty.


Then I had the black cod with a miso glaze perfectly broiled–tender flaky and juicy meat–which was even more amazing after squeezing a bit of lemon (to cut through the buttery fish).


Continuing on my self-splurge, I had sashimi next of …(and this is what happens when posting belatedly..I do not remember–but it was yummie hehe).


And then, for my main course, I had the special: Uni Soba! As you can tell by now, i LOFF uni..the amazingly clean, sweet flavor and melt in your mouth texture. It was awesome.



Last but not least, I finished this glorious meal with their specialty dessert–Black sesame creme brulee. SOOOO good–the subtle and rich nutty flavor from the black sesame seeds imparts a depth of complexity to the traditional creamy sweet creme brulee. Then there is a scoop of black sesame gelato on top and a crisp with (what else) black sesame seeds.



Oh happy meal 🙂 oink oink indeed–having completely finished every dish.

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