On Writing (random blurbing)

I imagine words as an amorphous mass, that are shaped and created, volumes curving swelling into a novel. How to shape this and create a unique theme of thought connecting ideas and painting existences into light. How interesting it would be to write of people, of characters and to create what one might imagine another to behave, what they would say…how they would react? But isn’t this character just a fruit of your own mind? What seeds from your life experiences did this character come from?

I imagine my xanga postings still exist somewhere. They contain my passionately learned philosophies on life–eyes blinking, opening on their own, in the wide vast world. Uncovering the mentally pre-disposed, pre-assumed, pre-formed, constraints that external entities, society mainly, put into place–a cage around my head. Unlocking the cage, removing it, throwing it down, cursing its hold or former hold, on my views of happiness, of living a fulfilled and grateful and appreciative life full of amusement and joy about the simple things—the important things. The true valued things. A steep learning curve that was…21 to 25…in just four years…the number of years that high school took place..that college took place…and hence this, my very own graduate school. I have a PhD in life…the philosophy of life…I’ve learnt it well, on my own, and I defy those crumbling conventions that once seemed as strong as steel beams, stone pillars upholding the falsity of mankind. Alas no, not mankind per say –that just sounded better hehe.


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