Walking around NYC

 Cafe Little Collins

Small space–New Zealand accents sprinkled in with the rush of cars honking, life bustling outside. A lovely pause in the day—cup of creamy flat white with a buttery mini cookie, alongside the aqua cup and saucer. Thick wheat toasted crispy, piled high with a smash of lush avocado mixed with feta and sprinkled with rich nutty sunflower seeds, red chili flakes and bright fresh pops of mint.

20140508-131953.jpg 20140508-132008.jpg 20140508-132020.jpg

I squeeze onto a small perch of a stool next to the narrow table. A local woman asked to share the table, gratefully–and happened to order the same thing. When I gathered my things to leave, she thanked me again graciously, and I thought to myself how kind!

Walking up Lexington towards Central Park, brisk breeze, clear sunlight filtering through swaying branches, reflecting off of high rise windows, the tint resulting in tinged yellow or blue reflections and shadows on the uneven pavement. Crossing over to Park Avenue…I understand now perhaps why so named…organized rows of vibrant red, yellow, orange tulips–Cherry blossom trees with their branches overflowing with great round fluffy bunches of pale pink and white blossoms. The petals gently scattered on the sidewalk, dancing with a breeze, gathering in larger cracks. The nannies of different ethnicities than the children whom they are pushing. French, German, Chinese, Italian–language spoken all around me…

20140508-132031.jpg 20140508-132040.jpg

20140508-132051.jpg 20140508-132104.jpg


The Met was closed today for some reason–same as last year–and realized that it was the Met Gala–hence i continued up to the Guggenheim for some Italian Art, the current exhibit being Italian Futurism. This period of art took place from 1910-1944, and interestingly embraced war as a means for change–they were anti-stagnation and all about constant motion–bold revolutionary even. One dissonant aspect was the anti-feminism view, which they regarded as simply “cowardice opportunism.” But, by and large the influences of this period as I observed the paintings, were familiar. The imagery of robots, mechanics…I found intriguing as well was a series of photos by Weems, documenting her life as a black woman in love, out of love, a mother and single mother.

20140508-132122.jpg 20140508-132133.jpg

A brief break, at the third floor cafe- lovely view of the green trees in Central Park with the gorgeous vivid blue sky in the background. A lovely shot of espresso–slowly sipping–while watching the wind blow gently the branches. Sun shining brightly…a little to bright so I jump into a kind cabbie’s cab–good hip hop playing…down 5th avenue we go, passing the large commercial shops…down down to Bleeker, West Village where the shops are smaller, streets are narrower.

Down to Ellery’s Greens–delicious curly kale salad with a vibrant apple cider vinagrette–cubes of sweet kabocha squash and marinated mushrooms–with oval firm grains sprinkled throughout. I drink the De-Tox–something much needed from the past weeks of traveling. Interesting people watching as ever, Chinese girls chat nearby, then an older gentleman with an English accent..waiting…then meeting a young bohemian type young woman…Perhaps daughter? Then I see them kiss–and think otherwise. Gazing out the storefront window, I see the fluttering shop overhangs with yet another vibrant green tree.

Before walking my wonderful 40 blocks north, I stop by a small quaint bookshop. Despite the conveniences of my Nook, I love bookstores…something about physically holding the books, seeing the book covers, is much more satisfying. I add a few more titles to my “to read” list…State of Wonder (Ann Pachett), and then Dear Life (Alice Munro).


20140508-135005.jpg 20140508-135013.jpg



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