The Food We Ate… (Istanbul continued)

Here is a lovely smattering of the different foods that we ate in Turkey. It was interesting to note the different influences from Greece, Asia, India, Persia (and I suppose that duh, this makes sense considering Turkey’s history).

The most memorable for me though is the donor kebob that we bought off of a street cart (interesting how the street food sticks out the most to me–that happened to me in Italy as well, where we had the BEST porchetta sandwich in Rome from a farmer’s market cart). The donor is basically like a Turkish “burrito” where a wonderful thin “tortilla”–perfectly grilled wraps up a freshly grilled over charcoals kebob (lamb the most common meat selection), along with numerous earthy spices, chopped onions, tomatoes and lettuce. The thing one must do (as we noticed these two worker men nearby doing) is to immediately go to the nearest convenient store and purchase an Ayran yogurt drink—and take a sip of this delicious tart, salty creamy drink between each bite of the savory donor. Ahhh heaven. (A close stand-out kebob place that is here in good ole San Diego, is The Kebob Shop–I HIGHLY recommend checking them out for their donors.  They have a unique take on this “Yogurt-Donor” flavor combo by adding IN the donor, this garlicky creamy yogurt sauce–awesome…and they also add this red spicy Sriacha-like sauce which takes the taste to a whole other level…BUT I digress…Oh yes, back to Turkey 🙂

Also interestingly, unlike France and Italy, towards the end of the trip, I wasn’t completely crazily craving something (in France, we craved something, anything with spice–probably due to the lack of spice in French food–butter, herbs de provence about sums it up heh), but here I think since there were foods with a variety of spices and spiciness, my palate did not get bored.  At the end of the day though, traveling does make me appreciate how lucky we are in So. Cal–or various other diverse food areas in America–to have access to different ethnic foods. Variety indeed is the spice of life!

Enjoy! (if you hold your mouse over the photo files, they have the description of each food)

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