Sea Rocket Bistro- North Park, CA

North Park, an older little neighborhood area near downtown SD, is a funky urban neighborhood filled with eclectic eateries and bars.  It reminds us a bit of LA–or perhaps only specific parts of LA–the houses and businesses older and established, with unique and gritty character–minus the horrendous traffic and impossible parking (for lazy impatient people like me).  So when we are feeling a bit more in an “urban” mood, and want to escape the leisurely, open sea-side suburbia of where we live, then we like to head down to this area and get our fix.

Some places of note include Muzita, an awesome and delicious Ethiopian restaurant located inside a house-converted to restaurant (all recipes are from the owner’s mom, if I remember the conversation with the owner correctly).  We visited there a few years ago–and hope to be back soon.  Another place of note is The Linkery, which again, we haven’t been back to, in several years (speaking again to the laziness of increased age where anywhere more than 15 minutes away becomes a struggle in motivation). We visited this particular place hm…perhaps 5-6 years ago? and back then the use of purely local sustainable ingredients was novel; we had pork cooked rare (unheard of, of course normally, but not so much when the chef knows the Mr. pig and his farm house and what he ate and is located only 20-30 miles away vs. hundreds of miles.)

Cute funky ambiance..

Sea urchin shooters- ginger beer, lemon juice, chili flakes

Mac N’Bleu- Assenti’s pasta, Bechamel, bleu cheese glacie

Grilled Shortrib Flatbread- they had me at shortrib

Mediterranean Fisherman Stew- clams & mussels, fish, piperade, leek & fennel

Local fish burger- nicely crisped light skin and meaty moist

Sea Rocket Grass-fed Burger- Bacon jam, Caramelized onions, Tomato confit, house-made pickles, mustard & blue cheese aioli

And last but not least, and interesting take on dessert: a Beer float (not root beer), with pop rocks! We suggested however that they probably should have used a more creamy smooth beer like Guiness instead of the hoppy one they used…it was a bit bitter tasting with the ice cream.

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