Foodie Update! Twist Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV


So a couple of weekends ago, we went to Vegas for Fwet’s work meeting staying at the Red Rock Resort then moved on over to the lovely Mandarin Oriental Hotel (highly recommend staying there if you want an oasis and peaceful retreat from the loud, smoke-filled debauchery known as Vegas;) We went to the restaurant Twist, by French chef Pierre Gagnaire (has a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris and a sprinkling of other high end places throughout the world).  Lucky for us, he happened to be in town and actually prepared our meal (he only comes 3 times a year!) The ambiance is amazing—our favorite, modern décor, along with a nice view of the strip (or in our particular case, the world-renown Polo Towers—ahem sarcasm) But when the sun set the lights twinkled nicely, washing out the gritty details of the strip and transforming it to a glitzy wonderland.

May I highly suggest for all traveling couples to higher end resorts or restaurants, to let them know when making a reservation that it is your anniversary. When we arrived at the Mandarin Oriental (on a side note I thought it was kind of a funny name for a hotel if you think of it..its like saying the…Dobe Ju Wanse African…hehe…and on a further side note, I thought well at least Vegas has an asian themed hotel a wee bit more classy than good ole Imperial Palace) Okay! So I digress, back to the perks of letting them know its our anniversary–when we arrived, we were greeted by the valet/bellman and he asked the name on our reservation. When provided, he immediately replied “Welcome and Happy 2nd year anniversary”–we were very impressed. Then later, they brought a delicious cupcake with the words Happy Anniversary written in dark chocolate on the plate to our room. And last but not least, at our dinner they finished the meal with a complimentary “Anniversary Cocktail.” 🙂

So back to dinner!

We started with delicious bread and a bright yellow butter (salted and unsalted rounds) direct from…Northern France! Yes, the colder climate must make for more rich butter and the grass that the cow eats, due to the soil and weather characteristics, impart a mineral earthy richness (pure B.S. heheh but…perhaps the weather might have something to do with the flavor!)

An overall note: When eating here, remove your traditional thinking of one dish, or one main dish—everything comes in components—meant to build up to an overall experience of flavor…or rather maybe he took the overall flavor and just deconstructed it into smaller components.

Although we greatly appreciated the delicate care put into the dishes, we might have liked it more if it were a different menu theme. The flavors of the spring menu were a bit asian fusion, which, for some odd reason for Fwet and I, is a turn-off (when we crave asian food, we want the native asian food—and are not too fond of asian fusion flavors.  But despite that nuance, of course, everything was delicious—not “OMG I’ve never tasted this in my life amazing” but really darn good.

SO! Without further ado, see below our meal. Enjoy!

I had the 3 course tasting which included:

Surf N Turf (Santa Barbara Shrimps, Red miso water, Spring onion, Mango, Kiwi, Snow peas, Cilantro// Maine Lobster Tail and Consomme, Paris Mushroom & Coconut cream, Caramelized Nuts// Tartar of Prime Beef, Ahi Tuna, Clams and Cuttlefish, Campari Marinated “Shitao” Daikon)

Mediterranean John Dory (Seared Fillet, Pink Pepper & Esplette Butter, Potato Paille “Colette”// Banyulu Leaf, Beurre Blanc and Chive

Dessert Sampling (A-E below)

A-Chestnut Veloute (Clementine Marmalade, Sicilian Pistachios, Fresh Blackberries)

B-Vanilla Bean Parfait (Exotic Fruit Salad, Passion Fruit Jelly)—My Favorite!

C-Prune Paste-Good for your digestive system! Hahah (Red wine, Kahulua Granite, Coffee Gelee Cubes)

D-Saffron Red Pepper Confite (Tangarine Sorbet, Crème Anglaise)

E-Chocolate Balsamic Gateau (Apricot Marmalade, Chocolate Cremeux)

Fwet started with a oyster appetizer that had a delicious ginger (I’m a ginger monster—I’ll eat it raw—Fwet, not so much) granite to top on the oyster which was a refreshing change from my usual oyster toppings (horseradish, vinegar, hot sauce etc.)

He then had the main course of stuffed rabbit which came in two parts—the thigh cooked with Persian-esque herbs and the breast stuffed with a pesto-like sauce. I gotta say though, I’ve never had such a juicy meaty rabbit (usually my recollection of rabbit is boney dry meat).

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