Savoring our Mama’s Homecooking (Chinese mum and Japanese mum)

One of the many reasons why I love all things related to food, is how the activity of eating it gathers those important to you, together in one place (hah unless you’re at a work dinner where you’re taking out a key opinion leader and his staff—ahem, sarcasm…at least in that case, one can focus on the usually very expensive and generally high quality food courtesy of the company).

So with this holiday season we spent a few times over at my parent’s house along with my brother and his fiance enjoying my mum’s good ole Chinese home cooking. One of my favorites (and I believe they have other ethnicity food truck versions of this), is taking deliciously tender pork butt hat has been marinated, braised for hours in some combination with soy sauce, star anise etc.–thinly slicing it (with the skin on baby), and arranging the slices on a freshly pan-seared onion pancake (theres a Chinese name for this which I cannot recall). Smear a bit of black bean sauce, fresh chopped green onions and cilantro…and that pretty much equals heaven (or at least one version of it…truffles, butter, cheese etc tend to reside in the other versions).

I think based on this I’ve realized what I would like my New Years resolution to be–or how about “Life Resolution” since new years is so cliche—To learn the recipe for the meat from my mom…and while I’m at it, how about I throw in the recipe to her famous beef noodle soup.

Another wonderful mum recipe–for New Years, we went over to Fwet’s parent’s place and we enjoyed delicious authentic “Osechi” (classic Japanese New Year food). Similiar to Chinese New Year food, each dish is symbolic of something (I know in Chinese, there are noodles which represent long life and those little dumplings which symbolize prosperity/wealth etc.)

One of my favorite symbolic foods were the BEANS (because as people who know Fwet and I, we call eachother beanface, bean head…amongst other odd names that I would not begin to be able to explain to other people who are unfamiliar with our …oddities 😉 Anyways so beans symbolize Productiveness! and indeed we plan to be productive in our lives and it relates to our resolutions, so I happily ate many beans (I could insert a fart joke at this point but shall refrain).

Looking at this home cooked deliciousness, I think I see why Fwet and I rarely crave to go out to eat at Chinese or Japanese restaurants…Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Savoring our Mama’s Homecooking (Chinese mum and Japanese mum)”

  1. Yeah, its my resolution to learn my mum’s recipes all the time but I just land up going to her house and asking to make it for me. You know sometimes (not sometimes but all the time) you want to eat your mum’s cooked food coz its simply the best!!

  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a prosperous and healthy year. It is a good thing that I am getting ready to cook dinner because you have made me so hungry with your photos and descriptions. Yummy.

  3. allow the green onion QUEEN to refresh your memory on the name of “freshly pan-seared onion pancake” – tsong yo BING!!!!! yayay!! hehe. I heart onions. 🙂

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