Whisk N Ladle (La Jolla, CA)

This is one of my favorite restaurants in SD since it combines delicious fresh local food, has an urban casual (with the option of being more dressy) ambiance, great service and lovely indoor/outdoor dining. Prices are reasonable and in the medium range (teens to twenties). I’ve come here numerous times for dinner, lunch, brunch and happy hour and each time they’ve delivered with solid good food and drinks (speaking of drinks, they had this bottomless mimosa brunch, which Fwet and I indulged in the day after NYE–definitely helped with the hangover).

Recently, we’ve gone for their happy hour and sat at the bar (which these photos will reflect).  Its a perfect setting if you’re looking for a more casual meal, and plus the bartender, Sunny is awesome–great service and if you’re lucky, you get to sample his unique cocktail creations.


Life…the surfaces and depths

Wow that sounds like a pretty profound title no? —the surfaces and depths of life! Well, the reason why I thought of this title, the inspiration, actually occurred when looking on my iphone Pandora for a station for Chopin. (On a side note, I took classical piano for 10 years or so and it was not until AFTER I had stopped -or towards the end- going to college for more “practical pursuits” over piano performance-not that I was even good enough for that though- it was then that I really matured and was able to fully and truly appreciate the beauty of music. Playing it, the expression, the infinite nuances you could pour into a note…a phrase..and it would be your unique expression of a piece written hundreds of years ago. Written hundreds of years ago, yet the melodies still speak and capture one’s emotions and thoughts…I suppose that would define art–good music–the intangible combination of notes and spaces that can inexplicably resonate in one’s being.

Anyways, so back to my original topic..the surfaces haha and the depths of life–so hearing Chopin’s first chords, it elicited an emotion…and then I thought about how wow…everything in life really does have its own depth, music, Chopin being an example. Starting from the top level, tis an appreciation of classical music as a whole. Then the Romantic era…then Chopin, then his music, then this piece, then this particular chord—to appreciate those details requires an understanding of the the music, and a depth of knowledge –and hence…I became struck by life as a whole. How it is so awesome really, that there is such complexity in all topics–from the best ways to pick a tomato, or from how to hit a baseball the furthest, to which method of extraction is best for TGF-beta…all of these things touch on topics that require a DEPTH of knowledge…and truly, it is infinite –there is always something to grow and learn more about. Isn’t that awesome that Life has built that into itself? So we never grow bored? It certainly didn’t have to…we could just eat sleep and poop and procreate and thats that; human species continues. But its odd that there is more…

Then philosophically, I think there are those that choose or unknowingly choose not to delve deeper into any topic…to remain on the surface of Life floating…and then I think to myself, so that metaphor of an airhead really has a deeper and more profound accurate description than I’d initially though…

So my purpose of pointing this perhaps “duh” concept out? I suppose just thankfulness (I do get random bouts of this as I step back and look at my life, Life in general and other things…I see it in a different foreign perspective…and I think that sometimes helps me to fully grasp and appreciate what is around me.)

Hence…life indeed should be about absorbing or diving into the depths as much as one is interested and as much as one can.  Life is like a big sea …most people float on the surface…and just stay there…some take excursions and snorkel on the subsurface..and still others take diving excursions down to trenches etc…takes more time–but one is rewarded with more diverse sights and knowledge 🙂