The Super Upside of Rue Sade B&B in Antibes, France (Breakfast!)

Bed and Breakfasts

Ahhh, I used to think they were really “quaint” “cozy” (i.e. shabby) establishments that were a bit too rustic for my taste (as in living in too-close quarters with one’s host).  However after our honeymoon in Italy, and amazing experiences at B&Bs in Positano, Capri and Tuscany, B&Bs became in my mind, beautifully appointed, comfortable, spacious clean places (waaaay better than a hotel that one would get for the same price) with warm gracious hosts and delicious ALL YOU CAN eat home-made breakfasts.

However after our negative experience at a B&B in Aix (refer to My Vents)–the Cons of B&Bs grew considerably. Luckily Rue Sade B&B, where we stayed in the lovely seaside town of Antibes, re-established all of the wonderful Pros of staying at a B&B: warm gracious, kind and welcoming hostess, lovely room (though the bathroom was a bit on the smaller side) and most of all–the Piece de Resistance–was the absolutely awesome/amazing daily breakfasts, which I shall share below!

Each morning, in the lovely high ceilinged airy dining room with high windows overlooking the little place (piazza) below, we would have delicious breakfast at the rustic large wooden table located off the modern kitchen. Our wonderful hostess would have ready, freshly sliced (from the Provencal Market, literally a one minute walk away) strawberries, blueberries, melon in a cup along with a glass jar of fresh plain yogurt. Then, she would make the most perfect light, moist fluffy and buttery scrambled eggs, placing it in a cute cup–made to order.

And thats not all….In the kitchen, help-your-self, were loaves of freshly baked olive bread, French bread, CROISSANTS!! (oh they were miraculous flaky-light buttery puffs of heaven) rosemary bread etc–from the local bakery (again, literally a one minute walk away), a board of every-changing gourmet meats and cheeses: rosemary crusted ham, silky ribbons of prosciutto, herb crusted chevre, creamy brie, etc.  which you could all pile onto your plate as you please.  My favorite (which I discovered only here) was the BEST dijon mustard I’ve ever had in my life: Maille 1747 Dijon de Fine Mustard.

I would slather this perfect and complex, not-too-salty but elegantly balanced mustard onto my bread selection(s) and add a slice of meat and cheese on top. Heaven….and then she always had a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly pressed rich strong coffee.

That my dears…is happiness 🙂

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