Burlap Restaurant (Del Mar, CA)

People-watching is a fascinating thing. To see the various social interactions, to guess their thoughts and to witness their vanities on display is quite amusing and interesting– Heh, it could serve as a homework assignment for one’s sociology/anthropology course. We humans are a funny species indeed.

So! Why am I talking about people-watching on a restaurant review? Well, to not mention it would completely disregard the ambiance and vibe of the place.  It is truly a gathering place (to see and be seen) of the stereotypical Del Mar crowd: wealthy, wasp-y, surferish…COUGARS and (whatever the name is for older men on the prowl). Being in the cosmetic derm field, it is also a great practice ground at identifying which combination of procedures a particular female may have elected: Botox, Fillers, Lifts, post-laser/chemical peel, and oh those wonderful lip injections. (As an aside…it is weird or perhaps uncanny isn’t it, that the more one does these procedures, the more everyone looks the same: a surprised, clown-lipped, lioness.) A very amusing evening indeed…(On another aside, hey I’m all about to each their own regarding maintaining one’s youthful appearance, but I can’t help but make these comments when so many of the obviously-enhanced are concentrated in one location)

OKAY so onto the food 🙂 I’d say hmmm…about 4 fuzziepotatoes out of 5, overall for the creative combos and fresh quality of ingredients (there was some deduction due to a meat dish that was a little on the dry side).

Enjoy the yummie Slide Show!

2 thoughts on “Burlap Restaurant (Del Mar, CA)”

  1. How do you manage to eat so many dishes I’m one sitting? ;p I assume you are photographing your companions’ food too?

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