Love. random thoughts*

Our wedding cake--eaten one year later (still tasted good! passion fruit filling and cream + a bit of freezer burn hehe) I wonder where this tradition came from, saving the topper for a year?

Our one year wedding anniversary was just this past September 3rd, and we celebrated it in Antibes, France. I can’t believe how fast this year has passed and how just the previous year we were consumed with wedding planning etc. But I think these kinds of yearly anniversaries are a great time to take pause and reflect on the big picture, taking a break from the all-to-easily-consuming day-to-day activities of life.

Weddings–marriage– It is actually an amazing concept no? That two humans (heh taking the “scientific view”) would develop a feeling, Love…something in my opinion, that has nothing to do with evolution–rather perhaps would be detrimental to evolution–yet it exists, which I think shows even more how we are not merely products of genetic mutations + time..but rather something more that, were we to be truly humble, would acknowledge as the workings of a higher being.

To be able to find such a comprehensive connection with another person is really a miracle–I have always believed it to be so, and hopefully without abusing that word, it is so rare–a miracle— to be able to find someone whom you can share this amazing feeling with–a complex and evolving and never-stagnant thing; Love.  This person who will be your partner your companion, to ride through the ups and downs and rich experiences of life with. A person who brings you joy and teaches you more and more about yourself–about patience, about understanding –about thinking of something else besides yourself.

Looking back on the wedding–truly it was one of the best days of our lives. Why? Not just because it was the official joining of our lives, but it was a day where all of our loved ones—the dear family members and friends– were all together sharing the happiness and joy (or to put it simply, getting together for some good food, wine, and dancing/silly times!).  It really doesn’t get much more better than that–just the mere fact everyone was there–made it so special to us.

This past week–I learned or rather, was re-affirmed of the vastness of Love– Both of my grandparents, married 76 years, passed away within a day of each other. Spending the past week with my family and relatives, reminiscing warm and plentiful memories, above all, what I remember of my grandparents was their amazing Love; for each other, for everyone around them.  Through their lives, they exemplified peace, harmony and an aura of genuine warmth, and I hope to carry that with me as not only an honor to their memory, but also as a reminder from Above, of what really matters in life: Love.

So, cheers to you and yours, to another year filled with Loff!

4 thoughts on “Love. random thoughts*”

  1. That is a beautiful post Liz. I’m sorry to hear of The passing of your grandparents. I’m sure they had a long and lovely life, together. How beautiful and lucky would it be to slend 70+ years with our partners….wow. Happy belated Anniversary! Fern and I went to a nice dinner tonight for our anniversary, which is on Tuesday (we’ll go out again then). It’s been three years, fast huh? Love ya, xoxo

    1. Thanks Stuzzie! Heh and happy anniversary to you guys too! (I still remember “10-4”!) Ahh indeed time goes by so fast* Miss you! –perhaps you guys must host a Spanish-themed food/wine night hehe as a celebration of being back (although thats going to be awhile from now 😉

  2. This is such a nice post! People can be so cynical about relationships and its so refreshing to hear you say such positive things about yours. Congrats on your first year of marriage, and I hope it continues to feel like a miracle 🙂

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