Les Papilles Restaurant (2nd Night in Paris)

Now this place, was one of our favorite meals during our entire trip.  The charm and warmth of the ambiance, with its rich dark wood tables and walls lined floor-to-ceiling with bottles of wine, along with the lively welcoming service, all contributed to why it was one of our favorites–But heh, of course most importantly it was the food!

The food was rustic (which is when the food just makes your tummie feel warm and comforted and the flavors are pleasingly familiar) yet elegant and well thought-out (as in, you could tell the chef cleverly combined ingredients and flavors to achieve a purpose).

I think even more amazing is that all of this is accomplished by a young chef (only 27) who turns out all of the courses for his restaurant, from a small little galley kitchen with one assistant!  His timing and execution is even more impressive considering these limited resources.

Overall I would rate this 5 out of 5 potatoes, since it comprises to me at least, an ideal combination of an intimate and stylish ambiance with an awesome tasting menu filled with comforting flavors, excellently and creatively executed. Ahh…I wanna go back already.  Enjoy the photos!

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