Le Chateaubriand – Restaurant (Our First Dinner in Paris!)

So after a lovely 24 hours worth of traveling–we were zombies by the time we arrived in Paris.  Luckily we were able to take a nap before our reserved dinner at the much anticipated (per Pellegrino’s global restaurant list, 6th restaurant in the world) Le Chateaubriand.

I had heard that (thanks to the Travel Channel) Paris, France indeed being most known for serious dinners with jacket and tie requirements, stiff and formal etiquette, now had a series of chefs rebelling against this idea and instead, embracing a much more down-to-earth style of food, ambiance and (lucky for us) cost. Le Chateaubriand seemed to me, to be such a place.   The ambiance reminded me of a bustling, bistro with warm lighting and an intimate ambiance.  Tables are close to other diners (which actually facilitated a nice chat with two Australian girls sitting next to our party) but I didn’t mind it. Our party consisted of myself, my hubbie and his best friend with his fiance.

Upon first entering the restaurant, you see the bar on the left side with a chalkboard scribbling of vin selections–and even a list of affordable bottles (from blanc, rose to rouge) for 30 Euros.  Feeling the happy excitement (which I think is what hits you the first night arriving into another country) of finally making it to Paris, we decided to begin with a round of sparkling Rose.  (As an aside, regarding Rose wines, our previous notions were of too sweet bleh versions of this–from our limited Californian perspective. And yet we had heard in France, the Roses were actually quite delicious and complex and not at all like their same-named sweet California versions. SO! We wanted to give this Rose a try–and heck bubbles always adds a nice celebratory component to any beverage heh.)

We were then presented with “zee menu” heh, le carte ahem to be exact, of the day–It would be a chef’s prix fix menu which we could elect to have with or without paired wines. (Its actually nice to not have to choose sometimes, and just purely enjoy and anticipate the chef’s selections which undoubtedly must be based on the freshest ingredients of the day–since the menu does change, I think daily).  We decided against the wine pairing since we were enjoying the sparkling rose so much and ordered another round, followed by a bottle of Rouge vin (from the 30Euro menu…hey, we were on a budget).

Overall—This restaurant had unique and interesting, even experimental combinations of dishes which made it fun to anticipate what the next course would bring.  I would describe the flavors as modern and even edgy.  Sorry about the dim photos (I may replace with Fwet’s nice camera’s images but these taken from my point and shoot must suffice for now. Enjoy!)

As for the overall rating, I give it 4 fuzziepotatoes out of 5:  The dishes were very creative and interesting in addition to being well-executed (perfect crisp skin and tender soft meat).  But, if this makes sense, I feel like the meal appealed more to my intellectual side rather than good ole warm tummie satisfaction heaven (which the restaurant we ate at on the 2nd night inspired–I’ll have to add that review soon!)

The Menu (Le Carte) 

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